Monday, November 1, 2010

Cabochons and Beads: The Candy Craze

Now that Halloween is over, do you find yourself wanting to WEAR your candy? It happens. So as not to be tempted to eat your new delectable necklace, we suggest you design with beads that merely look like candy! All kidding aside, these colorful beads and cabochons make wonderful additions to your creative palette when you're designing against the winter blues.

If you've been shy about using color in your designs, these components are sure to break you from your rut. Our most popular candified item is the cabochon. We have a gorgeous assortment of vintage Lucite cabochons that resemble hard candy with colorful stripes. If you're new to the cabochon, it is a hole-less bead with one flat side. They are perfect for beading around or setting for earrings, rings, pendants, or whatever your imagination can dream up!

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