Sunday, January 23, 2011

Starfish Beads and Beads By the Sea

Whether they're vintage lucite or a new plastic piece made in the style of a popular Swarovski crystal shape, starfish are a motif that evokes a carefree seaside vacation.  Press moulded plastics, both new and old, rare press molded glass and other fantastic finds fit our starfish bead category.

She sells sea shells down by the seashore. Press molded plastics, new and  old from the US and Germany and a few from the Far East. Seashell beads for oceanside design.

These vintage metal components were a find.  We had them plated with sterling silver and 24k gold in a matte finish.  Create earrings that will be the stuff of legends.  Or use these in free form beadweaving, wirework or chain maille, or other statement pieces of jewelry.

Anchors away. The nautical trend is still going strong. Anchors are an oceanic staple.  Plastics and plated vintage metals abound.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Vintage Flower Beads: Soft and Flexible Plastic

Soft as a Petal. We just unearthed this fabulous new (but old) vintage soft plastic flower bead. These beauties are supple and flexible, great to wrap around a bead as a cap, or use as a centerpiece feature. Lots of fun colors. Be the first to have these vintage flexible plastic flower beads.

Tip of the Week

Use these flexible flower beads with an eyepin through the center and create a cluster of tiny crystals or small metal beads on looped headpins in the center.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cobalt Blue Beads and Vintage Brass Sass

A melody of cobalt blue beads and brass metal components evokes the 1960s era of bold and geometric accessory design. The vibrance and glamour of this fashionable period even inspired artist greats such as Picasso and Dali to dabble in jewelry design. Cobalt blues and brassy hues. No boundaries. Big ideas. Bold identity.

Tip of the Week

Brass hoops are almost an instant earring. Simply open and attach an eyepin and close loop tight. Add an accent bead, trim the headpin, and turn a loop with remaining wire to attach an earwire finding. Beautiful brassy sassy, instantly. Our vintage gold plated brass deco hoops are perfect for such creative ease and elegance.

Necklace How-To by Ashley Bunting

Our resident jewelry designer, Ashley Bunting, shows you how to make a gorgeous necklace from cobalt blue sea glass beads and gold plated vintage chain. This vintage brass deco hoop becomes the perfect pendant with a large blue Lucite bead.  Brass components and cobalt blues create such a rich balance of warm and cool tones. Ashley was inspired by the gold and lapis lost forever in a treasure chest at the bottom of the sea, a luxurious gem perhaps cherished by Blackbeard himself.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sea Glass Dagger Beads

In the NorthEast, we're familiar with the treasure that washes up on our rocky coastal shorelines: sea glass.

At The Beadin' Path we offer workshops on how to successfully drill your own beach finds. We were also in search of a line of organic looking glass that could compliment these natural treasures from the seashore. Our collection of 'Sea Glass Style' beads offers just that: the beads that you want to use with authentic sea glass, or achieve that look when sea glass isn't at the ready.

Sea Glass Beads. Frosted Look. Colorful Edge.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vintage Metal Jewelry: Brass and Crystal

Create unconventional, gorgeous designs by combining our unique vintage brass mesh ovals with Swarovski's cantaloupe crystal beads.  These Swarovski beads are beautiful, and particularly unusual in that they have a special color property. Their hue changes from a lush sage peridot green to a juicy peach tone, depending on the lighting.

Make this exact necklace using the Loop de Loop Necklace step-by-step tutorial designed by Ashley, or make your own brass and crystal innovation. Choose from a wide range of vintage metal components and Swarovski crystal beads, and complete the look with your choice of vintage metal chain and gold plated closures. Almost any mix of metal and crystal produces breathtaking results.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Vintage Metal Charm Beads: Deco Beautiful

This is just the kind of aesthetic we've built our business around. Vintage. Deco. Unusual. Beautiful. Our vintage metal charm beads were originally manufactured in the US in between the 1960s and the early 1980s. Sometimes we send these pieces to a US plater for enhanced finishes of matte sterling or 24k gold, and other times, the naturally aged and patinated finishes are so exquisite that there is no improvement to be had. These bold, decorative motifs are popular in charms, earrings, and especially lavish when clustering among layers of chain. is featuring this sumptuous selection of vintage metal beads ranging from deco dangles, double cherry pendants, sliding stars, lily pad beads to trek drops, Eiffel Tower drops, and scalloped hoops.