Sunday, January 23, 2011

Starfish Beads and Beads By the Sea

Whether they're vintage lucite or a new plastic piece made in the style of a popular Swarovski crystal shape, starfish are a motif that evokes a carefree seaside vacation.  Press moulded plastics, both new and old, rare press molded glass and other fantastic finds fit our starfish bead category.

She sells sea shells down by the seashore. Press molded plastics, new and  old from the US and Germany and a few from the Far East. Seashell beads for oceanside design.

These vintage metal components were a find.  We had them plated with sterling silver and 24k gold in a matte finish.  Create earrings that will be the stuff of legends.  Or use these in free form beadweaving, wirework or chain maille, or other statement pieces of jewelry.

Anchors away. The nautical trend is still going strong. Anchors are an oceanic staple.  Plastics and plated vintage metals abound.

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