Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cobalt Blue Beads and Vintage Brass Sass

A melody of cobalt blue beads and brass metal components evokes the 1960s era of bold and geometric accessory design. The vibrance and glamour of this fashionable period even inspired artist greats such as Picasso and Dali to dabble in jewelry design. Cobalt blues and brassy hues. No boundaries. Big ideas. Bold identity.

Tip of the Week

Brass hoops are almost an instant earring. Simply open and attach an eyepin and close loop tight. Add an accent bead, trim the headpin, and turn a loop with remaining wire to attach an earwire finding. Beautiful brassy sassy, instantly. Our vintage gold plated brass deco hoops are perfect for such creative ease and elegance.

Necklace How-To by Ashley Bunting

Our resident jewelry designer, Ashley Bunting, shows you how to make a gorgeous necklace from cobalt blue sea glass beads and gold plated vintage chain. This vintage brass deco hoop becomes the perfect pendant with a large blue Lucite bead.  Brass components and cobalt blues create such a rich balance of warm and cool tones. Ashley was inspired by the gold and lapis lost forever in a treasure chest at the bottom of the sea, a luxurious gem perhaps cherished by Blackbeard himself.

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