Friday, March 11, 2011

Deco drops, we custom dye them.

We found some more! We ferociously dug until we found amazing amounts of reinforcement stock to the ever popular 'Geometric Deco Drops' line.

These drops are vintage Lucite beads, manufactured right in NYC in the early 1960s. We have them custom dyed in popular colors... including the new Dark Honeysuckle. In case you missed the buzz, honeysuckle is the color of 2011!

You can custom dye your Lucite or plastic beads too. Our staff designer, Ashley Bunting, wrote the Art of Dyeing Lucite article explaining how she dyes our beads, and transforms them into gorgeous hues!

These components are fabulous when used as elements in building flowers. They also make great simple earrings. Cascade them together in a flowing necklace and you have a musical statement piece. So many options!

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