Saturday, March 5, 2011

What are cabochons? Are they beads?

Vintage Lucite Cabochons add that spot of wowing color. Cabs are not your average bead, as they are not actually beads, so you might have some questions.

Q: How do I use them? They have no holes..."

Q: How do I incorporate them into jewelry?"

A: Use industrial strength adhesive to fix a lucite cabochon to a filigree finding or metal stamping. Or seed bead weave a bezel around a lucite cabochon and harness it into a bead woven ring.

Since cabs have flat backs, they work perfectly with settings and blanks. We have a bunch at if you don't already have them in supply. A couple of our favorites are the pendant loop setting, and new to our stock, the vintage ring finding, both ideal fits for cabochons.

Don't forget that we have the popular eye cabochon style too. If you'd like to make a cabochon charm bracelet, be sure to check out our recent tutorial.


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