Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bangles and Lucite Beads for Spring

Lucite beads and bangles fresh for the picking. Just in, new Lucite beads in 60s retro and springtime colors. Choose from flower beads in daisies, spike petals, or poppy shapes. We also have new turquoise moon rock beads, go-go hoops, and crackle twists.

Our featured sale brings Lucite skinny bangles to the forefront.

Amazing deal: Buy a 10-bangle bundle for only $15. That's almost 70% off!


Choose from our assorted mixes in the following themes:

Bangles from the Sea
Lemon and Lime Bangles
Pink and Red Bangles
Bangles from the Earth
Assorted Mix Bangles


GracieGirl0825 said...

When does the bangle sale end? Waiting for my paycheck!

beadinpath said...

It will go on for a while Gracie... not to worry :-) Thanks for posting!