Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sea Glass Beads: Beautiful & Affordable

Do you already know about sea glass beads? Oh, okay. Did you know that we carry a crazy large selection of these gorgeous, well-priced beads at  Impressive. Okay, but did you know that we redesigned our sea glass bead page? Aha! Well, that's because we just did today.  Our sea glass beads continue to be a customer favorite, probably because they're irresistable and they're a pretty great bang for the buck. Check out our latest selection of sea glass beads!

Our sea glass beads are made in the Far East using beach glass from beaches on the East Coast of the US as inspiration. The matted finish and subtle color range evoke the look of found treasures of the seaside. We carry sea glass rounds, puff discs, tumbled nuggets, spine and dagger drops, beach stones, and more!

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