Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vintage Beads: The Best of the Best

If you're not on our email list, you might not know about the best vintage selections when they hit our store, or warehouse floor. We at The Beadin' Path post vintage bead articles on our website and send our email subscribers the latest vintage bead selections, so they'll have first pick. Some vintage beads are more plentiful in stock than others, but they all are limited in supply, and will eventually be sold out. Here is a recap our latest treasures!

Vintage Lucite Beads

If you're new to our vintage beads, it's important to know that ALL of our stock is new and uncirculated, so it is in pristine condition. Our vintage Lucite beads and components were purchased in 2004. These forgotten beads were the warehoused contents of a company originally known as Best Plastics. Best Plastics manufactured Lucite beads and components for jewelry companies such as Avon, Trifari and Coro from the 1960s through the ealry 1980s.

Vintage Lucite Buttons

Our vintage Lucite buttons are often used as closures on necklaces and bracelets, or strung in clusters, in the way you might string a traditional bead. Most of the Lucite buttons we carry have a moonglow finish, a most sought after finish. Moonglow might be the most popular of the Lucite beads, probably because its inherent luminosity is quite breathtaking. Several of our moonglow Lucite buttons are even on sale right now, a rare  occurrence!

Antique Rose Montees

Our antique rose montees are fiercely beautiful. Rare and highly coveted, the rose montees might be the oldest beads in our collection. Made in France, and Austria circa 1910, these components are flat backed glass stones set into a metal fitting with holes. They were commonly sewn onto garments and tapestries. Today, they can be used in the same way, or used in multi-strand jewelry.

Vintage Metal Cuffs and Bangles

Our collection of vintage metal cuffs and bangles have been a huge hit. The 80s retro layered bracelet trend probably has something to do with this! Our bracelet collection is entirely from that era, made mostly in the USA ca. early 1980s. We have taken these brass and base metal bracelets and plated them in a muted sterling silver or muted 24k gold, also processed here in the US. These cuffs and bangles are perfect for attaching glass or lucite stones to with special adhesive, or for wrapping beads around them with bead-wrapping wire.

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